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Octofrost - equipment for processing IQF cheese


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Kup Teraz


Processing IQF food has been on the uptake worldwide. More customers are realizing the value IQF products such as IQF cheese can bring to their everyday lives. More likely, if you live in a big city, your fridge is already stocked with frozen cheese that you can unfreeze piece by piece whenever you feel like it, and add to your meals. That’s what IQF technology brings to the table, and the precise reason it’s currently growing so much.
The nutrients are stored within and provide just as much value when frozen, as when they’re fresh, barring long storage times or inefficient pre-processing operations. All you must do to create the ultimate frozen products is to gain access to large volumes of raw material, such as cheese, then process it through specialized equipment for processing IQF cheese and package it nicely. It will sell in large volumes, as it’s currently the leading way of buying frozen goods that are both appealing visually, and to your taste buds. Take a chance and create the enterprise to become your legacy — contact us at for more information.
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