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IQF technology


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A good freezing operation relies on two factors: a cheap, expansive supply of fresh food product, and excellent, top-of-the-line IQF technology. Why IQF? There are many benefits:
●       It helps create the best quality products in the market. Not only is IQF freezing more appealing than traditional freezing methods, but the pieces are frozen individually, making it more attractive to buyers.
●       Excellent taste, texture and shape preservation.
●       The fast processing speeds will lock in the various minerals and vitamins stored in the product and provide a healthy, nutritious frozen food.
Among IQF companies, Octofrost ranks among the best, thanks to its unique, patented bedplate technology. It helps you stay ahead of the curve with food safety, thanks to the design allowing for seamless maintenance during processing. The holes within the bedplates aid in freezing the product, making the process more efficient. Finally, the yield reaches up to 15 000 kg/h in terms of food. Quick processing is how you can get a high-quality product, high-volume processing is how you can get results. We understand this and mix the two thoroughly. Contact us at to schedule a meeting and find out more.

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